What is Visiting Teaching?

You are prayerfully considered by our Presidency and Bishopric on who should be your Visiting Teachers and who you could help and benefit by Visiting Teaching others assigned to you. 

It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know your Sisters and be able to offer charity.  We all have experienced hardships. By having those experiences, we can share how Heavenly Father helped us through those times. Or maybe the women you visit are doing great and you are there to share their joy.  When you schedule a monthly visit, you can be creative, whatever the Holy Spirit guides you to do and share a wonderful message to strengthen and encourage. Plus, Heavenly Father will bless you for your efforts. 

By being a Visiting Teacher, you will grow more in the gospel and it will strengthen your testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ. By being visited, you are cared for and made to see